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Boiler Assessments, Diagnostics and Repairs




Your boiler could break down at any moment and lead to all kinds of issues from a cold house to mould growth. At Boiler and Heating Care we can assess and diagnose any boiler and advise you on what your next step is. Whether you need some repair work doing or need a new boiler entirely, we can point you in the right direction and further perform any maintenance work ourselves if needed.

A boiler’s job is to affect the water temperature throughout your property and help hot water to reach the appliances where it is needed. Your boiler is connected to pipes that run through your home and are attached to every appliance that requires them, like your radiators. The hot water is pumped to these appliances where they go through a heat transfer which causes the required room to warm up. You can find a full explanation of this process here.

At Boiler and Heating Care in Chingford, London, we are fully qualified in carrying out boiler assessments and diagnostics. We are also fully certified to operate on a variety of branded products such as Worcester Bosch and Valliant. We are committed to offering the best boiler assessment and diagnostic service in Chingford, London, which is why we are constantly researching new boilers and their benefits.

Boilers are vital to the running of your home due to the heat that is generated which is why they should be regularly checked for any faults. Boiler specialists highly recommend that you have your boiler assessed once per year. This also includes rented property, and if you are a landlord, then it is your responsibility to make sure that the boiler is working properly and has no faults such as a gas leak. It is also a legal requirement that you provide an in-date gas safe certificate to the lessee when they move in.

At Boiler and Heating Care, we can perform all assessments, diagnostics, and repairs on your boiler in order to make sure that it is gas safe and meets all government requirements. We can also provide you with a boiler gas safe certificate if needed.

If your boiler is need of assessment, then give Boiler and Heating Care a call on 02032254071 or 07970828755, or send us a message through our contact page. We cover Chingford and the rest of London.