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Reconditioned Boilers



When it comes to installing a new boiler, finding the right one for you can be difficult due to the many different brands and types. At Boiler and Heating Care in Chingford, London, we can help advise you on the range of boilers and their different advantages, as well as providing our own reconditioned boilers. These boilers come with a 2-5 year guarantee and meet all required government regulations.

Generally, boilers will have a long life expectancy and can often last for over 30 years as long as they are well looked after. At Boiler and Heating Care, we can advise you on the current state of your boiler, and how long until it will need replacing. This then allows you to plan for the future and decide what type of boiler you would like to replace your old one with.

Deciding whether to have a new boiler or a reconditioned one can be a difficult choice. Whilst a new one is more expensive, the idea of it being new gives you the peace of mind that all of the mechanical parts have not been worn down or damaged by use. However, a reconditioned boiler is cheaper than a new one, and they will have always been thoroughly checked over and any damaged parts have been replaced with new ones.

Additionally, a new boiler can take anywhere up to 32 weeks to be manufactured depending on what it is needed for and the components required. On the other hand, a reconditioned boiler can be inspected and installed on the same day as one is needed. They will also come with a guarantee similar to that of a new boiler.

At Boiler and Heating Care in Chingford, London, we have a range of reconditioned boilers that we can install in your property with a 2-5 year guarantee. If you are in need of a new boiler, then please give us a call on 02032254071 or 07970828755, or go to our contact page and send us a direct message!